#EHN Eye Heart News no. 3

wood stove

As we wait out the last bit of lingering winter weather, the first day of spring 🌼 has come and gone. We’ve gotten what I pray to the gods is a last snow 🌨. As it happens, last frost is slated for 4/20. A fine date for a first day to get some outdoor planting done. After bicycle day and the day before my born day! There’s been talk of an event here that weekend. Gotta reach out to Caldwell’s Social Club to get an update.

steemit blog This Week header PNG

Beds filled

As you may have seen in our previous posts, the indoor beds are built and now filled with that fresh organic soil, locally sourced of course, just down the street.

Compost seeded

Many of our collective food scraps are destined to be food for worms and microbes from here on in. Mostly fruits πŸ‰ and veggies πŸ₯—.

Dennis' compost seeder

Dennis brought us some of his close to three year build to seed and enrich our foundation.


A little sifting to make it fluffy and airy.

some worms

We’ve got worms!

Marley holds worm

They’re SO CUTE, apparently 😝.

compost tea

Compost tea is brewing.

air ate

Microbes are fed and aerated.

Sprout 1

Sprouting 🌱!


The kids found chicken claws in the soil. I see necklaces in the near future.

Lily drill gun

πŸ‘ ❀️ Kids are inquisitive. Self directed.

Zeus chill

πŸ‘ ❀️ Dogs are lazy and stubborn. LOL. 🐢

πŸ“‹ steemit blog Coming Up header PNG
* Cannabis clones 🌲.
* Bugs 🐞.
* Mycology πŸ„.
* Aquaponics 🐟.
* Bees 🐝.
* Chickens πŸ”.
* Zero Waste Conference 🚯.
* #EHO podcast on MSP-Waves πŸ“».

I hope you enjoyed the new format I’m playing with for these posts. I will continue to tweak it from week to week. If you have suggestions or questions feel free to comment.

You can also see this and follow our VP of Business Development, JP Steinberg on Steemit.


Author: Eye Heart Organic

Eye Heart Organic (EHO) is an aggregation of likeminded individuals having come together by way of life to form an eco-positive team of professionals and leaders in their respective fields seeking to create and build a fully sustainable eco-friendly agricultural co-op and education center. EHO upper management and flagship staff have concurred to develop our practices and protocols along the platform of zero-waste.

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