#EHN Eye Heart News no. 1


Good afternoon from the #EHO homestead. If you’ve been following us you know we’ve been a little behind in our weekly postings. Well, that’s about to change. As VP and administrative manager of #EHO I’ve got a lot on my plate. Especially since we’re in the very early stages and much of what we’ve got planned is still in development. Seems there’s always way more work to do before the actual “work” begins. I don’t see what we’ll be doing in the near future as work; instead, I see it as simply what needs to be done to achieve maximum thrive on a day to day basis. Meaning that we ought not focus simply on working as a means to earn currency which we exchange for the basic necessities that help us survive such as food, rather we engage in the kind of work that provides us with necessities such as: farming, building, socializing, growing and creating. Take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in order to gain a better understanding of what I mean.

The work we’re currently engaged in is many faceted. First of all, we’ve taken over this just under one acre micro-farm which was once a retail florist. The property was abandoned for several years and in slight disrepair. The barn which houses our storefront, clubhouse/office/boardroom and has a 300 sq ft greenhouse attached, is a solid wood structure built mostly at the turn of the 20th century so it’s actually in great shape considering. The windows and doors are drafty, which has made heating it a bit pricey. Since I’m the only one using it a great deal of the time I tend to keep myself just comfortable enough to plug away at our ongoing projects. We’re just weeks away form the last frost, which oddly enough is on 420 this year. We’ve already begun work on the big greenhouse and done some tidying up around the property on the few good days we’ve had. Fortunately for us we have 4 kids always looking for something to do!

In order to keep this blog going steadily, I am going to piggy back topics each Monday with my Steemit blog and podcast. Obviously, some of the topics are too controversial for #EHO, which just means this blog will be more honed and streamlined. The three main topics I will attempt to cover here from week to week are sustainability, zero waste and mental health and wellness; pertaining mostly to farming and homesteading with a little technology thrown in perhaps. This week’s guest on Hangin’ with WHO is Rob in the Page family aka White Walking Feather. If you are not familiar with his work take the time to watch the Talismanic Idols documentary Ungrip. Rob lives on a 72 acre homestead on Albert, Canada where he and his wife have built a fully sustainable off-grid earthship, grow their own food, raise livestock and govern themselves. Get ready to take notes.

Next week’s topics – Food waste & DIY recycled paper.

Author: Eye Heart Organic

Eye Heart Organic (EHO) is an aggregation of likeminded individuals having come together by way of life to form an eco-positive team of professionals and leaders in their respective fields seeking to create and build a fully sustainable eco-friendly agricultural co-op and education center. EHO upper management and flagship staff have concurred to develop our practices and protocols along the platform of zero-waste.

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