Eye Heart Organic (EHO) is an aggregation of likeminded individuals having come together by way of life to form an eco-positive team of professionals and leaders in their respective fields seeking to create and build a fully sustainable eco-friendly agricultural co-op and education center. EHO upper management and flagship staff have concurred to develop our practices and protocols along the platform of zero-waste.


The site of EHO will become a working experimental model for the many franchises and collaborative endeavors we envision for the future of the organization. We have a 500 square foot greenhouse and an acre of land on which to place raised beds, a chicken coop and perhaps goats. The barn, a solid wood rustic structure built in the 1800s, boasts a storefront and smaller greenhouse as well as plenty of space for classes, seminars and workshops. Master classes, often developed in tandem with the academic careers of our founders and board members, will include indoor and outdoor no till organic gardening along with off-grid style sustainable practices, zero-waste efforts, and a multitude of science based self-help recovery modalities for addictions and mental illness such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), yoga and mindfulness meditation.


EHO will sell whole organic produce to the public grown by us or sourced locally. We intend to have fresh eggs from happy free-range chickens and local raw honey, organic of course.

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