Blogs and podcasts and crypto, OH MY!

Hello again from the #EHO homestead. Sorry for taking so long between posts, we have so much going on here it’s been a bit difficult keeping up. a few weeks ago we had several days of board meetings in order to begin ironing out the details of what exactly we are going to grow in our greenhouses and around the farm. We spoke about merchandise and sourcing certain products. We discussed the many ideas we have for classes, seminars and workshops. We didn’t cover as much ground as we would’ve liked due to that terrible flu that was going around; here’s some of the plans we’ve set into motion.

We met for a second time with one of our board president’s former student whom has become somewhat of an aquaponics expert and is looking to invest in and initiate a serious indoor operation for farming carp and growing organic leafy greens. Once the current, soon to be former, owner of the property moves his pontoon boat from the garage that is to be our farm stand, we will begin to install the tanks on the heavy duty utility shelves already there. We will be documenting this project and ensuring it remain as close to #zerowaste as possible.

After having done a fair amount of research and network with the local farming community, we decided it would be best to grow produce that isn’t abundantly available around here already. One thing we found to be lacking is mushrooms. And boy do we love mushrooms! Our VP and his wife have been studying mycology and learning to forage for several years now and it has become a passion for them. Since having occupied the property and explored the immediate area just before winter hit, we found puffballs growing just across the street. And boy were they delicious stir fried with a little garlic in olive oil! As soon as the weather breaks we’ll be inoculating wood piles around the property with edible and medicinal mushrooms.

There’s tons more happening here and we’ll be keeping you in the loop as things unravel. In the meantime, be sure to head over to Patreon and support our VP, JP Steinberg, in his podcasting and blogging endeavors. We’re happy to be a sponsor on his weekly talk show and we certainly enjoy the music he spins. Your subscription and support of his social media helps support his work with #EHO and will surely go a long way. In the coming weeks we will work withhim to create merchandise and marketing campaigns for both his DJ career and our mission to develop a lifestyle brand that will usher in an era of p2p commerce for a generation of healthy, happy, eco-positive communities all over the world.


Author: Eye Heart Organic

Eye Heart Organic (EHO) is an aggregation of likeminded individuals having come together by way of life to form an eco-positive team of professionals and leaders in their respective fields seeking to create and build a fully sustainable eco-friendly agricultural co-op and education center. EHO upper management and flagship staff have concurred to develop our practices and protocols along the platform of zero-waste.

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