Eye <3 2018!

We probably should’ve had a blog post for the new year by now, but we tend to move at our own pace here at #EHO. It’s not exactly a standard practice in business, but we’re not exactly a standard sort of business. We believe in the idea of organic, not only in the foods we grow and consume, not just our health and beauty and household cleaning products, but in our daily interactions and endeavors. If that means there are days when not much else gets done other than some brainstorming and exchange of ideas through social media and board meetings, so be it. You can’t rush progress! Now that my excuse is out of the way let’s get to this blog here…

Firstly, we must extend tremendous gratitude to everyone involved in our operations from top to bottom thus far; both old friends and cohorts as well as our newest board members and soon to be staff for all of their hard work and dedication to #EHO.

Our New Years Eve speakeasy was a tremendous success!

IMG_8598.jpgThanks to La Rhonda’s Alchemy in a Jar for providing amazing local and organic CBD jellies with cheese as appetizers. What a great way to ease into a night of hobnobbing. Chef Bo Jangles worked up several courses of a surf, turf and vegan dish each accompanied by an optional medicated sauce fit for any fancy get-together.3H1A9592

3H1A1847_srgbIMG_8708And we couldn’t have had such a classy looking set up if it weren’t for the hard work and expert craftsmanship of our property manager, Mark, and our no-till aficionado, Dennis. The two of them are not only passionate organic growers, they will be keeping the building and grounds in tip top shape as our business grows (pun fully intended). Also keep an eye on our social media pages for pics of projects they have for sale such as the dab bar and cheese board they created for our NYE dinner.

IMG_7823Venture Glass was in attendance as well. This was their second time attending one of our events as a vendor and we have agreed to give them a permanent spot on our display shelves. After a nice little chat with the owner, we realized our business philosophies and practices are very much in line. We look forward to having them as part of our #p2p network.

That brings us to two last announcements for today.

Our board president, Rob Ryan, has introduced us to one of his former students whom has spent much time and energy studying and learning aquaponics. Together they have developed a plan and come up with a start up budget to build tanks and raise fish on the property. These tanks will be designed in such a way as to also grow our herbs and dark greens organically and abundantly.


As promised, this Wednesday we begin our morning yoga and mindfulness meditation sessions. These sessions will take place at 10AM inside our board room during cold weather and outside next to the brook come Spring. Participation is mandatory for board members and staff. Just kidding! However, we would like to welcome anyone in the area whom wishes to join us and maybe even lead the groups once in a while.

Also beginning this week we are hosting several weekly open and peer-run support groups. Wednesday evenings at 6PM we have Addictions, Habits, Compulsions and Cravings and will also be teaching EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) at the start of each session. Afterwards, at 7PM we will have a Double Trouble in Recovery meeting.

Thursday evenings at 7PM we will have an open and peer-run support group for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. All groups will adhere to the same principle of anonymity as Twelve Steps and since we are in a legal medical and recreational state we will be accepting of anyone engaging in a cannabis-inclusive and non-abstinence treatment modality.

Here is a link to our Google calendar.

Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date on our goings on and we look forward to seeing you on the farm soon!


Countdown & News.

Tomorrow is Xmas eve already! That means we’re only a week away from our speakeasy New Years Eve party. Tickets are still available, click the link provided for details and to make your reservation while you still can – LINK. There is so  much going on here at EHO in preparation for the new year and our grand opening in Spring. We will have several pre-opening sales in our storefront as we begin to stock and arrange vendor displays so that you may visit and get to know our board and staff, perhaps even talk to us about how you can get involved. We have teamed up with La Rhonda’s Alchemy in a Jar so that in addition to carrying her amazingly delicious LOCAL,  ORGANIC and ZERO WASTE jams, we will be developing many of our seminars and classes on sustainability together. We have been busy reaching out to the local farming community in order to establish the peer to peer relationships and networking opportunities we wish to engage in as a business and members of the community. Keep checking back with us here for regular updates on goings on such as our forthcoming Kickstarter campaign and monthly fundraisers. And don’t forget to follow us on the various social media outlets, links below…

Coming shortly – short how to video on a quick, easy, inexpensive way to make liquid hand soap and reuse your old bottles. This will be an example of how our zero waste bootcamp will help you save money while keeping a great deal of plastic from entering our waste stream.

A Speakeasy New Years Eve

Please join us for a specially prepared, locally sourced and organic dinner by Chef Bo Janggles featuring cannabis medicated sauces, appetizers and deserts. BYOB, champagne toast provided. Live entertainment and DJ in our rustic solid wood barn on the beautiful south coast of MA. Seating is limited, click the link for tickets  before this event is sold out – Speakeasy NYE dinner.